Pineapple Hill Bed & Breakfast

“Wow, Wow, Wow…..Who would have thought that getting financing for a Bed and Breakfast would be such a trial? But a trial it was.

 Since I already own my own Real Estate company and have for more than 20 years, I thought financing would be the usual, nothing out of the ordinary. Sadly the owners of Bed and Breakfasts and their realtors generally feel the same way….that it is easy. BIG MISTAKE!. The banking industry has had some major changes in the last decade and financing B&B’s seems to be an area left out in the cold.

Thankfully being referred to you was our life line. Without your intimate knowledge of the industry as a whole, the likelihood that we would now be proud owners of the Pineapple Hill would have been slim to none.  Not only did you guide us every step of the way, but you continue to be supportive now that we have closed on our B&B and are open for business. Without many of your connections in the area, we would have had a much slower start up. We cannot tell you how appreciative we are to you.

If you ever need us to speak to potential clients (Buyers or Sellers) it would be our pleasure. This is one area of Real Estate that knowledge is really power!!!  Thanks for your incredible knowledge and guidance. You have helped us to achieve our dream.”

Roy Scott & Scott Stern, Innkeepers
Pineapple Hill Inn B&B
New Hope, PA