Cornerstone B&B, Philadelphia, PA

Cornerstone Bed & Breakfast

“For more than 25 years, my grandmother (Rick Newman’s Mother) owned the New Hope Lodge in New Hope, PA.  I spent much of my childhood after school with her at the inn watching her work never imagining that one day I would want to own an inn myself. I know my Grandmother would be so pleased to know I used my portion of the proceeds she left to her grandchildren to purchase an inn, and that her life’s work as an innkeeper made this all possible.”

“When my husband and I first considered owning a B&B, we weren’t entirely sure of the process and timeline. We thought it would take us years. Luckily, my uncle Rick was there to guide us, in fact, he recommended we consider the Cornerstone B&B adjacent to the University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University in Philadelphia. He had assisted the previous owners buy the inn eleven years prior, and when it went on the market in 2018, he told us it was a wonderful performing property, and a smart investment in an interesting and active location.”

“From start to finish, he was with us every step of the way. He brought together a team of talented B&B experts to work with us including industry vendors, a website designer and videographer/photographer. With his guidance and user-friendly business plan templates, he gave us confidence and helped shape our purchase and financing of the inn.”

“We began the process in mid-February and settled on April 29th, 2019. Thanks to Uncle Rick, it only took about six weeks for everything to come together from start to finish, an extraordinary feat! We are now the proud owners of the Cornerstone B&B in Philadelphia! It was a family effort, and we honestly couldn’t have realized our dream without him. I know my grandmother would be so happy to know that her family worked together as a team to continue her legacy.”

Jill and Eric Pfaff-Moody, Innkeepers & Proprietors
Cornerstone Bed & Breakfast
Philadelphia, PA