Lookout Point Lakeside Inn ~ Hot Springs, AR

“Sam and I were one of the lucky ones. We found Rick right at the start and before hiring any of our other professionals of the great team that helped us buy Lookout Point Lakeside Inn. While away for Thanksgiving weekend 2016, we huddled in our lower Manhattan hotel room and had our first phone conference with Rick. Within minutes we knew he would be a critical resource for us as we began our journey to find the perfect property. For us (and probably others thinking about buying an Inn/Boutique Hotel property) we really did not know how much we could afford to spend. Originally we thought we could only pursue a property we had enough cash for (or 50% or more for a down payment) and Rick cleared that up very quickly for us. Turns out we, with financing, we could pursue as he puts it ‘a very sexy property’. We were pretty taken aback at the amount we qualified for, but adjusted quickly. We threw out everything we originally thought and were soon on the right track with a new budget thanks to Rick. Fast forward six months and Lookout Point Lakeside Inn is ours. Rick also referred us to the other professionals who were integral to the process – he is connected to everyone we needed to achieve our dream. Without Rick, I am not sure where we would be in the process right now; still floundering with a low budget possibly. Thanks a million Rick.”

Sam Shener & Nancy Sullivan

Lookout Point Lakeside Inn

Hot Springs, AR