Mountain Laurel Creek Inn & Spa

We had spent our entire careers in healthcare and intended to retire from this profession in the not too distant future… then the Covid pandemic hit.  After experiencing several difficult situations, Scott put a lot of thought into what our future could be and convinced me to join him in a career (and life-changing) move to become innkeepers. We both loved to host family and friends and Scott is an excellent cook, so I thought, why not?

We were not experienced in the hospitality industry and had no contacts to help guide us, so we initially turned to everyone’s favorite resource… the internet. We suffered through a pretty bad experience before finding a true professional, Rick Newman, founder of Commercial Capital Network (turns out the internet was good for something after all).

From our very first call, Rick took the time to understand our aspirations and needs. He invested quite a bite of time to get to know us to better guide us through the process of finding and financing the perfect inn for us. Rick quickly put all his experience and contacts into action to help us achieve our goals. He consistently went above and beyond his role as a financing expert and also connected us with other professionals experienced with B&B’s. He provided business plan templates, spreadsheets, and his knowhow to create a great business plan and proforma to truly understand the financial obligations we were taking on and to ensure our success.

Rick worked with us through some very stressful times and always maintained a professional and most importantly, a caring attitude. It is so rare these days to work with people who truly care about your goals and who will work tirelessly to help you achieve them. We would not be the proud owners of a successful Inn and Spa without the support of Rick Newman who we are proud to call our friend.

Stuart Ramsey and Jeffrey Scott Cudd
Mountain Laurel Creek Inn & Spa
Dahlonega, GA