Commercial Capital Network

Commercial Financing, Acquisition and Funding Strategies for Bed & Breakfasts, Country & Historic Inns, Resorts, Campgrounds, & Other Hospitality Venues and Commercial Capital Network are owned by Richard K. Newman, a nationwide inn consultant, specializing in Commercial Financing & Acquisition/Funding Strategies for Bed & Breakfasts, Country & Historic Inns, Resorts, Campgrounds & Other Hospitality Venues.  Rick consults with business owners who wish to restructure debt obligations, but dedicates the majority of his energy helping the next generation of business entrepreneurs and aspiring innkeepers navigate the challenging process to identify, finance, and purchase “The Business of Their Dreams.”  

  • Loan Prequalification to determine a price range and purchase strategy relative to the financial qualifications and objectives of his client
  • Property evaluations to identify qualified hospitality properties before investing time, capital, and energy visiting non-qualified properties
  • Introductions to industry specialists and consultants
  • Business plan development for use in the loan approval
  • Package documents, proofs, and application in preparation for submission to qualified investors/lenders
  • Establish a strategy to secure a suitable loan solution relative to his client’s financial qualifications and goals
  • Consult with qualified lenders/investors and negotiates rates, terms, and programs
  • Assist client and coordinate with lender/s, title insurer, and other professionals during preparation for closing.

All Trademarks and Copyrights are the property of Richard K. Newman, reproduction or use of any material is strictly prohibited. 

Richard K Newman
Commercial Capital Network Owner & Founder