Sheridan House Inn

“We never would be here as innkeepers of the Sheridan House Inn at the gateway to the Grand Canyon, with guests from all over the world delighting in our special brand of Arizona hospitality, without Rick Newman of InnFinancing. It’s a fact that most B&B owners don’t come from hospitality backgrounds, so walking into a bank and asking for them to loan money to people with no experience would be truly laughable. Hospitality loans are risky and very difficult to obtain, even for a property with good profitable P&Ls and history.

While you obviously must have the right property and have done your due diligence on it, along with spending untold hours preparing a business plan, the truth of the matter is most people don’t have the contacts to even get a foot in the door for the possibility of a loan. Rick Newman does.  He proved with our very difficult loan that if he chooses to work with you, and he only selects those he believes in, he will do everything he possibly can to secure financing.  And, he’ll do it with integrity and honest truth throughout the process.” 

Thank you, Rick!”

Mark and Debbie Santy, Innkeepers
Sheridan House Inn
Grand Canyon, Arizona