The Aerie B&B Inn

The Aerie

“For many years, we thought about owning a Bed & Breakfast when the time was right. When we reached that point, we set out to learn as much as we could about becoming innkeepers and how to avoid the pitfalls in finding the right property and funding that made sense for our individual situation. Early in the process, we were introduced to Rick at Commercial Capital Network. Rick worked with us in quickly prequalifying for a loan. This was invaluable as we started looking at properties that fit our budget and met our expectations.”

“We knew immediately that Rick would be helpful in navigating the loan process. What we did not know was that Rick’s years of building relationships in the B&B industry made him a great resource in finding the right property. Frankly, Rick had a working knowledge of every property we considered and, in most cases, had previously worked with the owners giving valuable insight to each one.”

“Once we settled on the right property, Rick walked us through the complicated loan process and put us in the best position for loan approval. Again, with years of servicing the industry, Rick had deep contacts in the financing community which led us to securing a loan that precisely fit our needs.”

“Once we were settled into our Bed and Breakfast, we reached out to Rick with numerous questions beyond finance. Anytime I have a question about regarding the industry, needing an introduction or need someone discuss ideas, Rick is the first person I call as he has become a trusted advisor to me. Many of his clients have the type of same relationship with Rick because he cares about the ongoing success of his clients.”

“There are many financial institutions where you can find funding for your new venture, but you will not find the experience, innovative financing solutions and long-term care that Rick and his network offers.”

“Thanks Rick!”

Beth & John Blackwelder, Owner/Innkeepers
The Aerie
New Bern, NC