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“Picture this, Karen and I are at a national innkeeping seminar and trade show within days of closing on the Inn of our dreams when we get the word the bank has dropped our financing. The worst part was having to tell my wife the news. Enter Rick Newman and Commercial Capital Network. Within 24 hours he had connected us with an amazing group of people that literally picked up the ball and scored. We closed within 45 days start to finish. Personal and attentive to every detail, this was an amazing experience and we would not have been able to complete this journey without Rick and his team. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!! “

David & Karen Browning, Innkeepers
Eden Vale Inn
Placerville California
Cornerstone B&B, Philadelphia, PA

“For more than 25 years, my grandmother (Rick Newman’s Mother) owned the New Hope Lodge in New Hope, PA.”

“I spent much of my childhood after school with her at the inn watching her work never imagining that one day I would want to own an inn myself. I know my Grandmother would be so pleased to know I used my portion of the proceeds she left to her grandchildren to purchase an inn, and that her life’s work as an innkeeper made this all possible.”

“When my husband and I first considered owning a B&B, we weren’t entirely sure of the process and timeline. We thought it would take us years. Luckily, my uncle Rick was there to guide us, in fact, he recommended we consider the Cornerstone B&B adjacent to the University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University in Philadelphia. He had assisted the previous owners buy the inn eleven years prior, and when it went on the market in 2018, he told us it was a wonderful performing property, and a smart investment in an interesting and active location.”

“From start to finish, he was with us every step of the way. He brought together a team of talented B&B experts to work with us including industry vendors, a website designer, a videographer/photographer, and even our inn consultant Eliot Dalton of The B&B Team. With his guidance and user-friendly business plan templates, he gave us confidence and helped shape our purchase and financing of the inn.”

“We began the process in mid-February and settled on April 29th, 2019. Thanks to Uncle Rick, it only took about six weeks for everything to come together from start to finish, an extraordinary feat! We are now the proud owners of the Cornerstone B&B in Philadelphia! It was a family effort, and we honestly couldn’t have realized our dream without him. I know my grandmother would be so happy to know that her family worked together as a team to continue her legacy.”

Jill and Eric Pfaff-Moody, Innkeepers & Proprietors
Cornerstone Bed & Breakfast
Philadelphia, PA

“Rick was such a pleasure to work with. He was helpful in guiding us through the ups and downs of financing our inn. He was a huge part in making our dream come true and we cannot express how grateful we are to have connected with him. He is truly an expert in the field but the best part was that we made a lifelong friend in the process. Thank you, Rick, for everything!!!”

Steve and Karen Wilson, Innkeepers & Proprietors
The Lion and the Rose
Asheville, NC

“We spent the better part of 15 years dreaming of owning a Bed & Breakfast. We toured numerous Inns, attended The B&B Team’s Aspiring Innkeeper Seminar, and conversed with many Innkeepers to educate ourselves about the Innkeeping Business. We put in a great deal of effort to develop a knowledge of the business, however, the process seemed arduous and we felt completely overwhelmed with all that needed to be accomplished if we were to finally buy the inn we have dreamed about for so long. We were honestly beginning to wonder if our aspirations of innkeeping were realistic given what seemed to us to be a mountain before us.”

“We remembered hearing about Rick Newman and looked up his website I decided one morning to reach out to take advantage of his experience with the industry. Rick and I hit it off on the phone instantly and I knew right away how genuine and sincere he was about wanting to help us. From start to finish this individual is a class act. He stayed in constant contact with us, introduced us to colleagues in every area of the transaction and helped us secure and close on our wonderful inn in under 45 days, which I believe is a record in Asheville.”

“We would encourage any Aspiring Innkeeper to reach out to Rick early in your journey. His attention to detail is out of this world and he knows this business inside and out. We have heard from other Innkeepers in our area that they went through lender after lender, and that B&B sales can take up to 8 months to close and they still may fall apart for any number of reasons.”

“We had spoken to Rick almost every morning and felt like we were more than just his clients, we had become friends. We were so pleased when he decided to drive down to Asheville from his Pennsylvania home to be with our family on our special day.”

“We are now the proud new owners of North Lodge on Oakland B&B in Asheville, NC. Many thanks to Mr. Rick Newman.”

David & Kevin, Innkeepers & Proprietors
North Lodge on Oakland Bed & Breakfast
Asheville NC

“We started in October and missed 5 closing dates struggling to finance the purchase of Tall Pines Inn. We were told by every lender that we were well qualified, so we didn’t understand why we were having trouble securing a mortgage. We tried for months to work with banks local to the property.  It cost us money, time, and it was very confusing and frustrating, and we were really stuck because we wanted to close in time to make changes before the busy season started. We felt had such an amazing opportunity and we did not want to let it pass by.

We were truly exasperated and had all but given up when Peter Scherman suggested we call Rick Newman to help us, and in was the best decision we could have made. Rick really cared, and he coaxed and coached us along the way as we wrote our business plan; he also gave us a big shove when we needed it. We really enjoyed working with Rick, and still find it fun when he calls out of the blue to say “hi!” He is just a “down to earth” kind of person to work with. Yes, Rick can get the job done, he is worth every penny, but the best part, you are working with a friend and not just another vendor. We are thankful we brought him in to work with us.”

Michelle & Keith Frey, Innkeepers
Tall Pines Inn
Eureka Springs, Arkansas
B & B Financing

“My husband Kevin and I will tell you that we could not have bought the Carolina Bed & Breakfast in Asheville, NC without the invaluable knowledge, guidance and dogged persistence that Rick provided to us. Anyone who tells you that financing an Inn is an easy thing absolutely does not know what they are talking about. Rick worked incredibly hard to help us secure the funding we needed and he had all the right connections that made it possible. It was a long and difficult battle to get this deal done and there were several times we thought we would not be able to make it happen. Rick got us through the deal and successfully to the close. You can trust that he knows what he’s doing and he will be an excellent advocate for you with the banks. We are so very grateful for all his efforts on our behalf and incredibly happy in our Inn.”

Diana & Kevin Thornton, Innkeepers
Carolina Bed & Breakfast
Asheville, NC

“We never would be here as innkeepers of the Sheridan House Inn at the gateway to the Grand Canyon, with guests from all over the world delighting in our special brand of Arizona hospitality, without Rick Newman of InnFinancing. It’s a fact that most B&B owners don’t come from hospitality backgrounds, so walking into a bank and asking for them to loan money to people with no experience would be truly laughable. Hospitality loans are risky and very difficult to obtain, even for a property with good profitable P&Ls and history.

While you obviously must have the right property and have done your due diligence on it, along with spending untold hours preparing a business plan, the truth of the matter is most people don’t have the contacts to even get a foot in the door for the possibility of a loan. Rick Newman does.  He proved with our very difficult loan that if he chooses to work with you, and he only selects those he believes in, he will do everything he possibly can to secure financing.  And, he’ll do it with integrity and honest truth throughout the process.” 

Thank you, Rick!”

Mark and Debbie Santy, Innkeepers
Sheridan House Inn
Grand Canyon, Arizona

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